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March 2009 Newsletter

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  • What we Found
  • Bristol Race
  • VA Mobile Communication Use Bills Fail to Advance
  • Forest Fire Season
  • International Space Station
  • Radio Phonebook Stats
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Well Since the last newsletter, which we may as well say was the first we've found a lot of new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....




Scott Co Schools  Clinch Mtn






WJHL News  Holston Mtn







US Forest Service - Fire  Mutual Aid







TBI -   Carter County







Tazewell Co Schools - Big A Mtn




Thats just a couple, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

Are ya ready?
Start Your Engines!!!
The Virginia State Police , VDOT, and VA Interstate Highway Contractor TME will
be in control of Interstate 81 (in Virginia) , from the command center at the race track to the highways
themselves, and the air. Medflight, weather permitting will be providing aerial support for
traffic monitoring. Last year, VDOT supervisors in light trucks communicated traffic
hazards to VSP dispatch alongside police traffic.

The Tri Cities Regional Airport will be packed with corporate jets, expect lots of traffic
on the local aviation frequencies as well as the airport security.
("talkgroup 49808" on Sullivan County Trunked)

Wellmont has several repeaters licensed for use during the race,
there use varies and we're anxious to see what kind of radio traffic this year will bring.

Every Talkgroup on The Sullivan County Trunked system will be busy, we plan to search a bit and
discover some of the "Race" talkgroups, since its subject to be specific to just this race we recommend searching
the entire system if you want to hear activities as some of the talkgroups may be used just for the duration of the race.
Talkgroup 12512 on Tri-Cities Communications Trunked system is one of the bigger campgrounds
it WILL have interesting conversations (wink wink, we all love alcohol).

Everyone have a safe and fun weekend!

Race Weekend Frequencies

Frequency CTCSS/
159.165 167.9 VSP Repeater
159.000 127.3 VSP Repeater
(Wytheville, Fancy Gap Area)
154.665   VSP Tactical
159.945 74.4 TME Repeater
47.220 110.9 VDOT Bristol Area Repeater
155.205 d205 JC Medcom EMS Coordination
159.2700 d115 TDOT Carter county
159.9750 d115 TDOT Hawkins county
158.730 100.0 THP (Tennessee Highway Patrol)
121.700   TRI Airport Ground
122.950   TRI Airport Unicom
119.500   TRI Airport CTAF
152.270 d032 Wellmont Special Use Repeater
152.300 d047 Wellmont Special Use Repeater
152.405 d125 Wellmont Special Use Repeater
152.435 100.0 Wellmont Special Use Mobile
Nascar Frequencies

Locally Compiled List

ProScan TrackSide Scanner

Last month we mentioned there were several bills slated to regulate mobile use of cell phone by drivers.
The fact these bills contained such a vague wording by the use of "Wireless Telecommunication Devices"
we were all concerned we might be prohibited from using our scanners, ham radios, CB's etc.
Luckily all those bills have died in committee, just across the state line, West Virginia has a similar bill
pending that aggressively defines what's prohibited, Link to HB2621
Sadly there's no mention of exemptions for Amateur Radio.
The legislative season may be up for this year, but lets all keep up the fight to keep our rights,
Write your congressman!

Even Though its been raining almost every day since Christmas, this time of year can
spawn forest fires, The forestry guys that work for the Federal Government use unlisted
federal frequencies, heres a couple in use in the area.
If you hear some of the unconfirmed ones or know they being used, drop us a line.

Frequency CTCSS/
170.475   US Foresty - Unconfirmed
171.425   US Foresty - Unconfirmed
171.575   US Foresty - Unconfirmed
172.275   US Foresty - Unconfirmed
164.8250 146.2 US Forest Service - Fire Mutual Aid
171.5750 118.8 US Forest Service - Fire Mutual Aid
159.0450 173.8 Tennessee Department of Forestry
159.3450 173.8 Tennessee Department of Forestry
159.4350 173.8 Tennessee Department of Forestry
159.465 100.0 Virginia Forestry Department
159.285   US Forestry - Unconfirmed
The International Space Station offers an opportunity to listen as well,
here are a couple frequencies that have been heard daily. Space Shuttle Discovery
can be heard during launches, orbit, and landing on the 224.975 and 259.700 frequencies.
130.167 AM
259.700 AM

And lets not forget about the amateur radio repeater aboard.
Plug 145.800 into your scanner...
When you hear traffic, the space station is overhead!
145.8000 144.4900   ISS Amateur Radio FB2 Space Station  
145.8000 437.8000   ISS Amateur Radio FB2  Space Station  
437.8000 145.9900   ISS Amateur Radio FB2  Space Station 67.0

Here's a superb
resource for frequencies courtesy of Monitoring Times

General Area Covered

      And Finally, As I keep preaching , the Radio Phonebook has been updated,
I'm so terribly sorry about the broken link last month, Here ya go

Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated March 17, 2009)

Unit Numbers:2072

Heres what were working on...

New LTR Trunked Systems
VA Hospital
Local Aviation
Major Improvements to the Live Scanner!

Wise County Towers

Thats it for now, Happy Scanning!

See the RadioPhonebook for more!

We want to hear from you!
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