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June 2009 Newsletter

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  • Skip without Sunspots
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  • KY National Guard
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  • Mt Mitchell Repeater (update)

Well Since the last newsletter, we've found a lot of new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....





157.6350     Bristol VA PD Tac
37.7200 37.4000 100.0 Giles Co SO FB2
37.3200 39.1600 85.4 Grayson Co SO Low band
155.1750   179.9 Raleigh County WV EMS
155.9550 158.9400 127.3 Raleigh County WV FD
155.7000   d703 Patrick Co SO FB2 (Bull Mtn)
154.2875   d703 Patrick Co SO FB2 (Busted Rock Mtn)
154.3850   d703 Patrick Co SO FB2 (Meadows of Dan)
155.2350   146.2 Ashe Co EMS FB
155.7750 153.7850 151.4 Ashe Co FD
155.0850 153.9950 146.2 Ashe Co FD FB2

That's just a couple, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

The last couple evenings have brought interesting communications from afar on the lower VHF frequencies. Skip: A phenomena that occurs when distant stations (hundreds to thousands) miles away can be heard clearly as if they are just next door. This most recent barrage of long distance radio is most likely a result of troposheric ducting. Tropo for short occurs when weather patterns produce a reflective layer or duct in the lower atmosphere. These ducts occur usually as a reult of temperature inversions; their effects can wreak havoc on older VHF low radio systems. For the scanner enthusiast or Ham radio operator these events are deep and moving and almost always a fun and exciting event.
has been supplying reports of most of the action and has become
a valuable link for finding current propagation information.

On a related note, Sunspots, which are measured to predict solar activity, which results in charging of the ionosphere which then results in world-wide propagation of radio signals on frequencies generally below 30 MHz...(wow what a run-on) are strangely down.
NASA- New sunspot cycle just warming up

So remember, if you hear a weird agency on a programmed
frequency, it may be SKIP!

Search 30-49 MHz

30-35 Mostly stations from Mexico

35-43 Lowband USA (Public Safety)
This weekend is Field Day (27-28)

Field Day is an annual amateur radio exercise, widely sponsored by IARU regions and member organizations, encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operators. In the United States, it is typically the largest single emergency preparedness exercise in the country, with over 30,000 operators participating each year. (from Wikipedia)

Our local area will be hosting several field day events.
Listen in on some of the 2 meter frequencies for more details
or check them out in person!

Wanna Check out the Amateur Radio
Operators in person?

Visit a field day location near you this weekend,
its amateur radio's biggest yearly PR event.

Field Day locator (just search your local area)

Amateur Radio Frequencies (Search Ranges)
1.8-2.0 MHz 160 Meter Band
3.5-4.0 MHz 80 Meter Band
5.332, 5.348, 5.368,
, 5.405 MHz
60 Meter Chs
7.0-7.3 MHz 40 Meter Band
10.1-10.150 MHz 30 Meter Band
14.0-14.35 20 Meter Band
18.068-18.168 17 Meter Band
21.025-21.450 MHz 15 Meter Band
24.890-24.990 MHz 12 Meter Band
28.0-29.7 MHz 10 Meter Band
50.000-54.000 MHz 6 Meter Band
144.000-148.000 MHz 2 Meter Band
222.000-225.000 MHz 1.25 Meter Band
420.000-450.000 MHz 70 Centimeter Band
902.000-928.000 MHz 33 Centimeter Band
1240-1300 MHz 23 Centimeter Band

Note: Frequencies with yellow background are SSB(single sideband), AM, CW (Morse code), or other digital modes predominately. Your basic scanner cannot receive these. Frequencies with the green background can readily be heard with your typical scanner; the other modes mentioned for the lower frequencies are sometimes used for longer distance contacts on these as well. When these modes are used they usually occupy the lower part of each frequency set. SSB will sound like a garbled or scrambled transmission on a regular FM only scanner.10 meters uses FM in the 29-29.7 range, these will usually boom in on even handheld scanners when the conditions are right.

Kentucky National Guard
You'll need a digital scanner to listen to these!
These frequecnies were reportedly being used in the recent months flooding.
139.5125   P25 KY National Guard
139.6125   P25 KY National Guard
139.6625   P25 KY National Guard
139.9125   P25 KY National Guard
139.9625   P25 KY National Guard

Follow along for updates on breaking events! Scanie looks forward to your tweets too!

Mt. Mitchell Amateur Radio Repeaters Update

Chris from Taylors, SC reported on

Please note there are conflicting reports on this,
lets all continue to reach out and show our support.

"Ken, WA4BVW announced that the Mt. Mitchell ham radio repeaters have
been given a one year extension....with the removal date moved up to July 31, 2010.
We should all be grateful for the opportunity to continue using them,
and A debt of gratitude is owed to the repeater owners ,
and to the powers that be who gave us the extension. Chris K2FO Taylors, S.C.

General Area Covered

Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated June 26, 2009)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequencies:1186 up from 1135
Unit Numbers:2477 up from 2460

Here's what we're Still working on...

New LTR Trunked Systems
(Still working!! Freqs now confirmed)
VA Hospital (In the works)

Live scanner updates complete.

That's it for now, Happy Scanning!

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