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February 2009 Newsletter

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  • New Virginia Bills Threaten Radios, Scanners, CB' use..
  • Radio Phonebook 2009  Unit Numbers
  • Wise County- New Powerplant
  • Johnson City / Washington County TN Going Digital
  • Lights Out - Utilities staying busy
  • Severe Weather - Hams to the Rescue
  • VSP Stars Update
  • Medflight, Wings, Wellmont 1
  • Salt Truck Refresh


News outlets warned us late last year that the consumer safety groups around the country were
planning on introducing bills in all fifty states that outlaw the use of “mobile telecommunications devices
by the driver of a vehicle.  Here in the last twenty days or so Virginia has had at least four bills be introduced,
one senate bill has been killed and three remain in subcommittee.  Here’s a link to one sample letter I prepared
and disseminated across the blogosphere and to our wonderful state goverment leaders and house and senate reps.

And heres a couple of the bills that still need our attention.

The Radio PhoneBook has been updated with large quantities of unit numbers and station names and identifiers. 
Now instead of wondering you can find out what “station C” or “unit 1-0” means.This is especially handy if you’re trying to 
figure out where that house fire or car wreck is 10 minutes before you leave for work. See radiophonebook2009.xls 


      The Stack on the Virginia City Power Plant is done, and so is the radio tower and new cellular tower on the
hill just north-west of the plant. The cell tower appears to be Alltel or a local affiliate. It also appears they building a "tower" type communications tower .4 mile from Hwy 58 on Memorial Drive in Castlewood.
The construction on the plant is just really getting started,
I would except at least 1 or 2 new repeaters for the area.
If you know any further information about these areas please send me an email.

Dominion has license for the following frequencies:

Johnson City, TN going digital...
From: Johnson City Press
"The newly approved multimillion dollar digital communications network for Johnson City’s emergency services 
should be implemented by November 2009. According to Director of Motor Transport Tim Henley, 
the city will erect a new communications tower on Buffalo Ridge in Gray after Motorola builds the structure at a facility in 
Illinois later in 2009. Once the tower is complete, the city will send people to inspect it and ensure it is 
running properly before bringing" ….Read More here and here 

With the recent snow and bad weather, electrical utility crews have been busy. Here are a couple local agencies. 
With spring there’s severe weather,  these guys and gals are going to have their work “cut out” for them .

Program the "Frequency" in the first column, If you're close to the user you can hear them on the
"Repeater Input" frequency. The tone info is used for more advanced scanners.

Frequency Repeater Input Tone Name
153.470 158.265 162.2 Blue Ridge Power Ashe County NC
153.410   100.0 Elizabethton Power Co
451.175 456.175 146.2 BVU
452.625 457.625 146.2 BVU
451.625 456.625 146.2 BVU
451.100 456.100 173.8 Bristol TN Power Utilites
153.650 158.175 103.5 Greenville Power -Greene County
159.585 153.710 d047 French Broad Electric -Mars Hill NC
153.530 158.160 131.8 Johnson City Power Board
153.635 158.235 127.3 Johnson City Power Board
153.470 158.220 141.3 Morristown Power -Hamblen County
451.900 456.900   ODP - Kentucky Utilities  (Power)
452.225 457.225   ODP - Kentucky Utilities  St Paul, VA 
159.840 161.415 141.3 Powell Valley Power
158.190 161.415 141.3 Powell Valley Power -Hancock County

AEP works best with a trunk tracking capable scanner,
otherwise you'll need to lock out the control channels and
hit scan after each transmission.
855.6375     AEP Trunked Bays Mtn Site lcn 1
856.8375     AEP Trunked Bays Mtn Site lcn 2
857.8375     AEP Trunked Bays Mtn Site lcn 3
858.8375     AEP Trunked Bays Mtn Site lcn 4
860.8625     AEP Trunked Bays Mtn Site lcn 5
855.6875     AEP Trunked Big A Site lcn 1
856.7875     AEP Trunked Big A Site lcn 2
859.7875     AEP Trunked Big A Site lcn 3
860.7875     AEP Trunked Big A Site lcn 4
856.9125     AEP Trunked Brumley Site lcn 1
858.9125     AEP Trunked Brumley Site lcn 2
859.9125     AEP Trunked Brumley Site lcn 3
854.9125     AEP Trunked Brumley Site lcn 4
855.1625     AEP Trunked High Knob Site lcn 1
855.6625     AEP Trunked High Knob Site lcn 2
858.8625     AEP Trunked High Knob Site lcn 3
860.3875     AEP Trunked High Knob Site lcn 4
855.1375     AEP Trunked Whitetop Mtn Site lcn 1
856.3875     AEP Trunked Whitetop Mtn Site lcn 2
857.3875     AEP Trunked Whitetop Mtn Site lcn 3

Amateur Radio operators have responded to the ice storm disaster in Kentucky.
When the cell phones and other repeaters go down county governments call in the hams.
There’s useful information during severe weather as well.
Here is a few of our local frequencies that you may want to tune in.

146.460 Statewide ARES/RACES Simplex
146.520 Nationwide Simplex Calling

NE TN Skywarn (weather spotters)

146.700  146.100  77.0 PL  Primary Repeater 
146.925  146.325  103.5 PL  Secondary Repeater 
146.790  146.190 88.5 PL  Tertiary Repeater 
145.290  144.690 103.5 PL  Fourth Repeater 
146.700      Simplex (if all repeaters unavailable) 
442.200  447.200    NWS Liaison (not for spotter reports) 

The Virginia multi-agency "STARS" project currently projects the following status

Richmond - Online since December 2005
Tidewater - Online since May 2008
Culpeper - April 2009
Northern Virginia - November 2009
Salem - April 2010
Appomattox - May 2010
Wytheville - May 2010

With Stars and Johnson City switching to digital it may be time to upgrade your scanner,
Your current scanner only picks up analog, much like the digital tv conversion your old scanner will not pickup the new systems.

Heres a couple scanners that are P25 Digitial ready

462.9500 467.9500 203.5 Medflight II Flight Control


  67.0 Wellmont 1 Aeromedical


  82.5 Wellmont 1 Flight Control


    Wings Air to Air


    Common Hospital


    Common Hospital

Wings can also be heard on the Tri-Cities Communications Trunked System..
Talkgroup Id's

49296     Wings Aeromedical
59168     Wings Aeromedical


Well hopefully we dont have to have any more snow removal,
however if old man winter hits us again heres a couple
interesting frequencies.

There's several new ones since the last newsletter.
47.2800   77.0 VDOT - Mobile (Abingdon Area) - CH 3
47.3000     VDOT - Oakwood FB2  Buchanan Co
47.3400   77.0 VDOT (Abingdon Residence) - CH 2
47.2200 45.7200 110.9 VDOT (Bristol Area) - CH 27
47.2400   77.0 VDOT (Lee County Area) - CH 6
47.3000   77.0 VDOT (Russell County Area) - CH 4
47.2000 45.5400 110.9 VDOT (Tazewell Residence) - CH 34
47.0800 45.3800 110.9 VDOT (Wise County) - CH 32
45.7600   77.0 VDOT -Mobile    CH 25
45.0000   77.0 VDOT Mobile - CH 49
159.6300     TME/ VMS Interstate Service
159.9450 150.9050 74.4 TME/ VMS Interstate Service
451.9500     TME/ VMS Interstate Service
43.7800   71.9 TME/ VMS Interstate Service
159.8100   d114 TDOT  FB2  English Mtn
159.2700 150.9350 d115 TDOT Carter county
159.9750 150.9500 d115 TDOT Hawkins county

Thats it for now, Happy Scanning!

See the RadioPhonebook for more!

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