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April 2011 Newsletter

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Well Since the last newsletter, we've found new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....

Frequency Tone Name State County
151.3850 97.4 Grayson Co SO  - Fries, VA Repeater VA Grayson
154.6800 141.3 WV State Police BCI Division Bolt Mtn WV Raleigh

Check out the Radio PhoneBook (link at bottom) for more.

Glade Spring Tornado

In the early hours of April 28th, a devastating tornado tore through Washington County, VA with catastrophic damage in several
locations along its path. One of the hardest hit areas of the county was Glade Spring, with numerous homes and buildings completely
destroyed at Exit 29. Washington County dispatchers went into disaster mode and activated a formal incident command once the sheriff's
command post had been setup. Many fire department vehicles were caught between this storm and the following storm that spawned the tornado.
That night 3 separate cells passed, producing more damage with each pass. As result the responders were trapped between downed trees and
their response was delayed. Mutual aid from many counties and Bristol, VA was fast to act and respond.

When the storm hit, around 75 listeners of the Wide Area feed lost connectivity; it was most likely due to them loosing internet/cell or power.
Both feeds were live the duration of the event and will contain valuable disaster training success and failure examples.
Recorded Audio will be posted once processed, our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims.

Comcast's Glade Spring Headend
November 2010 Newsletter

While CATV was down for many, internet connectivity was still available for most of their serving market.

Photo Credit: Derek Anderson

Wide Area Feed Move
Wide Area Feed is at its new home!

Thumbnails - Click to Enlarge

A short Diamond X50 is in place till a new X510 antenna arrives the first week of May. The old (15 years+) antenna
had some lightning damage from several strikes which lead to water damage. Amazingly, the extensive grounding
protected the antenna and structures from further damage. And it still worked!
We plan to refurbish and use for expeditions.


Media Section Update

media section at contains 2 newly extracted / spliced recordings.
The first, a shooting in Bristol has been time compressed.
The second, is a collage of the Severe Weather on 4/9 covering several hours in about ten minutes.

Chronological time order is maintained in both.

Pace Drive Shooting (4/7/11) Bristol, VA
Severe Weather (4/9/11) Washington Co, VA

Scanner Android Apps

We highly recommend the following, if you have a paid subscription at, (or provide a feed and get it free!)
its worth the one time charge of $2.99 to not only remove the ads but give you seamless access to archives.

Scanner Radio Gordon Edwards Free
Scanner Radio PRO Gordon Edwards $2.99

Radio Shack Discounts

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Through a deal with our local Radio Shack they are now able to occasionally offer discounts when you tell them

"Scannerfood sent me"

These discounts are usually limited to one day and may vary in nature, most recently they have been 10% off weather radios.

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Phone: (276) 619-9656

Feed Stats courtesy of

Spikes in listeners (239) on 4/27 for the Wide Area Feed at 11:39 PM
Washington County (90) feed on 4/27 at 9:49 PM

Wide Area
Min 0
Max 239
Washington County
Min 3
Max 90

For select recordings see the Media Section.

Wide Area Feed

Washington County, VA

Recommended Reading
Two- Way Radios and Scanners
for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0764595820

Perfect for anyone new to the hobby and an excellent refresher for us that have become a little rusty. This is the most up to date publication that effectively covers multiple radio services available.

I have been mentoring someone new to the scanner hobby and provided a little reinforcement. If you're wanting to test your skills, here are some sample tests I quickly drew up to make the subject matter a little more intensive.

Chapters 1-6 Test
Chapters 7-9 Test
Chapters 10-12 Test
Chapters 13-14 Test
Chapter 15 Test
Chapter 16-17 Test
Chapter 18 Test
Chapter 19 Test
Chapter 20 Test (May Newsletter)

Answers to follow in each new newsletter

Answers to chapters 1-6 HERE
Answers to chapters 7-9 HERE
Answers to chapters 10-12 HERE
Answers to chapters 13-14 HERE
Answers to chapter 15 HERE
Answers to chapter 16-17 HERE
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Answers to chapter 19 HERE
Recent FCC Licenses NEXT UPDATE in MAY
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed Transmitter

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. Moores Snack Foods ( c/o Snack Alliance - Maker of delicious Terry's Potato Chips) acquired a new license for handheld radios for use in and around the plant.
  2. The Department of Mines and Minerals renewed their UHF repeater, this frequency is seldom used and may have been renewed as an administrative option to reserve the frequency pairs for future use or re-allocation.
  3. Clintwood, Coeburn, and Hawkins County... have new water telemetry frequencies, also known as SCADA.
  4. In Russell County, Belfast Fire Department renewed an ancient fixed base license and the county has obtained yet another license for a repeater on Big A Mtn. Russell County's Emergency Services director, Jess Powers has been featured in several news articles for recent achievements regarding preparedness in the county.
  5. In Abingdon, Virginia Highlands Community College has a new license for a UHF repeater on campus. This is designated for campus security/PD use. We are still waiting for first monitor to occur, but suspect it may already be active based on recent radio checks.
County State Agency Callsign Frequency Type Note
Bristol VA Moores Snack Foods WQNG240 451.3625 MO Plant Handhelds
Bristol VA Moores Snack Foods WQNG240 451.4125 MO Plant Handhelds
Bristol VA Moores Snack Foods WQNG240 451.7375 MO Plant Handhelds
Bristol VA Moores Snack Foods WQNG240 452.1625 MO Plant Handhelds
Russell VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 FB2   Big A Repeater
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 FB2   High Knob Repeater
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 FB2   Pennington Gap Repeater
Grayson VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 FB2   Whitetop Repeater
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 FB   Oakwood
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 FB   Big Stone Gap
VA VA DMME KNHU770 453.4250 MO   Statewide
Russell VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 FB2   Big A Repeater
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 FB2   High Knob Repeater
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 FB2   Pennington Gap Repeater
Grayson VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 FB2   Whitetop Repeater
Buchanan VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 FB   Oakwood
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 FB   Big Stone Gap
VA VA DMME KNHU770 453.6500 MO   Statewide
Buchanan VA DMME KNHU770 458.4250 FX1   Oakwood
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 458.4250 FX1   Big Stone Gap
VA VA DMME KNHU770 458.4250 MO   Statewide
Buchanan VA DMME KNHU770 458.6500 FX1   Oakwood
Wise VA DMME KNHU770 458.6500 FX1   Big Stone Gap
VA VA DMME KNHU770 458.6500 MO   Statewide
Dickenson VA Clintwood WQNF293   173.2500 FXO SCADA
Dickenson VA Clintwood WQNC460 173.2500 FXO SCADA
Dickenson VA Clintwood WQNF291 463.6125 FXO SCADA
Russell VA Belfast/Rosedale FD WNFD423 154.1300 FB/MO Fire Dept
Russell VA County Repeater WQND462 159.1275 FB2   #Unknown Use
Russell VA County Repeater Input WQND462 156.1125 FX1   #Unknown Use
Smyth VA Town Base WNFK870 45.1200 FB/MO Renewal
Wise VA Coeburn WQNC470 153.0800 FXO SCADA
Washington VA VHCC College WQMY287 453.6125 FB2   Campus Police Repeater
Washington VA VHCC College WQMY287 458.6125 FB2   Campus Police Input
Hawkins TN 1st Utility District WQMR785 173.2038 FXO SCADA

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated April 03 2011)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 1966 up from 1958
Unit Numbers: 3276- up from 3273

General Area Covered


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"Wired Road" Local LTE
LightSquared vs GPS
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STARS Project III (non-public research)
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