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April 2009 Newsletter

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  • Campus Security
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Well Since the last newsletter, which we may as well say was the first we've found a lot of new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....

157.6800 152.4200 d051 A&A Security Company Norton Area
460.6000 465.6000 167.9 Jefferson County TN FD's English Mtn
155.0250   100.0 TEMA
168.7250   103.5 USFS - Asheville (Fire Weather Broadcast)
172.2250   167.9 USFS - Asheville (Fire Wx)
159.0900 155.4600 203.5 NC dept Game / Fish   Mt Pisga Repeater

That's just a couple, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

All Aboard!
Trains usually call out signals or mile posts to announce their current position on the Road
channels. ARN frequencies, usually known for phone patches can also be used as a
conventional repeater. These are sometimes used by high-rail trucks, crew pickup
arrangement, etc. "End of Train" devices are the little boxes attached to the last car of
a trains coupling. They transmit the air pressure reading back to the lead locomotive.
Defect detectors sound an audible voice describing the condition of the train, as a train
passes over sensors the defect detector counts the train length, speed, and number of
axles. It is not particularly uncommon to hear a "defect".

The NS Knoxville District uses CH 2 below as their primary road ch.
NS Ch 3 & 5 have facilities located on High Knob and Big A mtn, they
provide overall coverage to a wider area than the rail level "milepost" facilities.
CSX mainly uses 161.100 and is dispatched via Jacksonville Florida.
All AAR (American Association Of Railroad)
Frequencies are listed in the Radio PhoneBook
Norfolk Southern


161.1900   1 Road / Dispatch
161.2500   2 Road / Dispatch
161.4900 103.5 3 Road / Dispatch
160.9500 103.5 5 Road / Dispatch
(Appalachia District)
161.5200     Johnson City Yard
160.3050     Defect Detectors
161.1000     Defect Detectors
160.2450     Dispatch to Train
160.8300     Train to Dispatch
160.2750     ARN (Phone Patch / Repeater)
160.5450     ARN (Phone Patch / Repeater)
161.100   Road Channel
161.520   Dispatch
161.160   Yard
160.230   Defect Detectors
161.370   Defect Detectors

End of Train Devices

All Others

All Others 452.9375
NorfolkSouthern 161.1150
    Specialty Train Scanner Antennas  

Coal Industry Frequencies

Many Frequencies are used under generic
licenses, such as "two way radio",
"Arthur Stiltner""KY/VA Communications",
etc. It can be a challenge to correctly
id these.

If you live near a coal mine,
check out CB frequencies
The channel usually corresponds
to the mine number, for example.
Deep Mine 20, (would use channel 20.
Output Input Tone Name
157.6800 152.4200 d051 A&A Security Company
Provides Security to many mines in Area
463.8750 468.8750   Dickenson - Russell Coal Cleveland
160.1400     Electricians at Mines
(shares frequency with Beacon of Life Ambulance)
158.3100 153.3200 156.7 Greater Wise Inc
152.9450 465.3250 d172 Island Creek Coal (new owners?)
151.8050     McClure Prep Plant
464.8250 469.8250   Moss 3 Prep Plant
460.7500 465.7500 d115 Paramount Coal
152.3900   94.8 Unknown Mine operator
464.8215   100.0 Strip Mines
461.7750   107.2 Coal Trucks
153.0050 153.3200 156.7 Strip Mine Loggers
453.4250 458.4250   DMME (State Inspectors)
453.6500 458.6500 203.5 DMME (State Inspectors)
152.7500 454.1750 100.0 R. Torstrick / Coal Mine Pine Mtn
Campus Security
Campus security will usually use each county's respective sheriff's office
frequency as well. Below is a listing of some local universities, Several are
not confirmed, the license for the DMME (coal industry section above)
is based at a tower behind the MECC campus in Big Stone Gap, its possible
they are shared. It indicates multiple sites: Big A, White Top, High Knob, etc
under callsign KNHU770 . This may be used for all local colleges.
If you have any information on this topic please let us know!
Out In Tone Note
153.9050     Virginia DIT - Virginia Highlands
464.6000 469.6000   UVA Wise - Campus Security
155.7450 158.8200 167.9 SVCC Community College Security
156.0600   d432 Appalachia State University Police
158.8500   141.3 Appalachia State University
151.5350     Emory and Henry College
154.5150     Emory and Henry College Police
      Emory and Henry College

Virginia Intermont (Unknown which frequencies are for security)

ETSU is currently in the process of changing systems, they currently
operate on a trunked system similar to that of Sullivan County TN.
Its rumored they will have a similar or shared system compared to
the New Washington County, TN Digital system that's in the works.




201-02   Security 1 
201-03   Security 2 


719 ASU Campus PD Police
724 ASU Campus PD Police
725 ASU Campus PD Police
727 ASU Campus PD Police
728 ASU Campus PD Police
731 ASU Campus PD Police
747 ASU Campus PD Police
749 ASU Campus PD Police
ASU ASU Campus PD Station
702 Emory and Henry Campus  Police
706 Emory and Henry Campus  Police
901 Emory and Henry Campus  Police
906 Emory and Henry Campus  Police
202 UVA - Wise Police
203 UVA - Wise Police

Lightning Safety

If you're using more than the "back of the set" antenna for your scanner
you may have recently experienced first hand the wonderful acts of nature called lightning.
Theres a couple of things you can do to prevent damage to your scanner, your house, or more
importantly, damage to YOURSELF. Remember, a direct strike will cause damage no matter how well
you are prepared.

Heres a few links

Grounding Communications Systems
Lightning Protection Institute
Lightning Rods

General Area Covered

Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated April 14, 2009)

Frequencies:1102 up from 966
Unit Numbers:2196 up from 2072

Here's what we're working on...

New LTR Trunked Systems (Still working)
VA Hospital (In the works)
Local Aviation

Major Improvements to the Live Scanner!
(additional height coming soon)

That's it for now, Happy Scanning!

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