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Reproduction of Specifics Does Constitute Copyright Violations


The use of this information for-profit (without prior license agreement as determined by the owner¹) is strictly prohibited unless proof of publisher research is provided or documented. Should this information be offered for compensation at a later time, unauthorized distribution of this documents information would also constitute a copyright violation. (Similar to that of music/video media sharing violations.) Manufacturer Trademarks and Company Names (i.e. but not limited to: PL, Motorola) if contained in this document are the sole property of their proprietors. Research / contribution credit does not express endorsement. Internal IFRAMES on reflect the respective work of the internet URL in which the document resides. Additionally, goverment websites are not subject to copyright protection as long as thier source is credited.                                 


The use of this website for reasons of intentionally causing interference to Commercial, Governmental and Private Radio Networks is a violation of local, state, and federal law(s). The publisher and site partners assume no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of information in this document; not limited to: frequency data, footnotes, or other comments, illustrations or figures. Every effort is made to ensure the information contained in this document is accurate to the fullest extent. However, Due to system changes, typographical errors and other discrepancies some information may not be accurate. Users using this information, not limited to: frequency data, footnotes, or other comments, illustrations or figures shall not hold the owner responsible for criminal or civil charges resulting in unlawful use of document contents or the storage of frequency data in any form. Finally, if users that are unlawfully using FCC approved frequency(s) which may be contained in this document, are prosecuted by the Federal Communications Commission, the owner¹, assumes no responsibility whatsoever for their conviction in civil or criminal circumstances. The information contained in this document is for educational purposes only and may not be used for the aid of programming FCC-type accepted transceiver(s). An appropriate license(s) or registration is required to operate on most of the frequencies listed. FCC-type accepted equipment must also be used accordingly.


"Live Scanners" refer to the streamed audio content available through but not limited to,

The live scanner is provided as a public service and to support freedom of information.

Any attempt whether manual or automatic to add, delete, alter, modify, copy, mirror, exploit, hack, spoof, or intercept data will result in legal consequences from- not limited to, Internet service providers, domain hosting , the owners, site partners and other privileged entities. Any attempt to communicate with source computer broadcasting live stream will result in subpoena for internet hacking if the access is by an unauthorized user. Distributing the source address of the live scanner is also not allowed. The connection, protocol to connect, internet service provider, software affiliates and all other involved parties have certain legal bindings for the use of such operations. Certain requests for frequencies cannot be honored due to certain circumstances. The owner has the absolute authority to allow or disallow a frequency request. The owner also has the authority to terminate certain frequencies at their discretion at anytime for any reason.
The owner nor its protected affiliates, is not responsible for the content of received transmissions, the affect they may have on their audience and the consequences from their interception. The owner is also not responsible for damages resulting in the use of – not limited to, software, Internet protocols, websites, or streamed media content. You assume all risks and responsibilities when using this online scanner. Certain content at times may be inappropriate for sensitive or younger audiences.
There is neither guarantee nor promise of service to anyone using this service; NO compensation will be paid for loss of services. Distortion is common and the content of the transmissions may be misinterpreted, at no point will the owner or its affiliates responsible for your damages resulting in actions perceived from the reception of this information. The owner reserves the right to limit the access of this live scanner on an individual basis by ip address selection. The owner may at anytime terminate services to an individual for no reason. Attempts to make the scanner bandwidth unusable after reasonable contact may result in legal services contact to discuss the matter prior to subpoena. If these services are offered for compensation at a later time the services will be as-is and no refunds will be offered for breach (lack/distortion) of services.
The use of any of the live streams may be restricted by law/ or other regulation based on your physical listening location or application and use of the service. While not specifically outlined, many jurisdictions interpret "the use of a live scanner feed through a mobile device while mobile" as a violation of written statues that in context prohibit mobile use of scanner devices or devices that can receive police communications. It is your responsibility to know your local / state / federal laws governing scanner use. Furthermore many jurisdictions make the use of a scanner whilst in the act of committing another crime a separate chargeable offense. You assume all associated risks and liabilities with the use of feed material. Commonsense can prevent many of these issues; however we do recommend a cautious or restrained approach when there is question about the legality of your reception of radio communications. For practical and legal reasons we cannot provide legal advice in this subject matter on an individual basis.


All matters related to the forum located at will be discussed in herein topic subsection A.
The Federal Communications Commission as well as other governmental agencies has certain legal regulations for posting the content of received scanner transmissions. It is requested that you be familiar of these regulations prior to posting scanner transmission content. The statements in the onsite disclaimer are neither an issuance of legal exception nor a method of entrapment. You assume all risks for the information you post. Your matters of opinion may be expressed and censored if necessary. Alternative methods of distribution will be made if your opinions are not censored due to profane, racial, religious, sexual, ethnic, nationality, disability related, matters of national, state, organizational, departmental or personal security or justifiably deemed inappropriate.
All information posted on this forum is the property of the forum owner and it’s entitles. The information, opinions and content of posts to this forum do not necessarily express the views and opinions of the owner or anyone else. The gathering of personal information (please see section 8) cannot be ruled out while on the forum, refer to php generic support for all issues. Neither the owner nor their affiliates share the opinions of companies providing framework support for this forum. The owner is also not responsible for posts that violate any laws, regulations, rules, etc. Any post may be deleted at anytime for any reason. Personal attacks from information will not be tolerated and your ip address will be banned from ALL associated outlets.



All donations received will be processed through Pay Pal or other authorized methods. The owner, Pay Pal, or the owners’ affiliates assume no responsibility for failure to receive tax refunded compensation. Reports of capital gain will be available if a request in writing is directed to the owners. Tax reporting will be collected if dontation reach an applicable amount subject to tax witholding.
The acceptance of a donation is no guarantee or promise for services to be delivered or offered available. At no time will any donation be refunded for any reason whatsoever. This amendment is subject to change based on the services provided in the future.


The freedom of Information Act (FOIA) constitutes that certain directives be deemed exempt from the FOIA. Such is this example as directly taken from the Code of Virginia Section A, Paragraph 57 and 69.

§ 2.1-342.01.Exclusions to application of chapter.

A. The following records are excluded from the provisions of this chapter but may be disclosed by the custodian in his discretion, except where such disclosure is prohibited by law:

57A.Records of law-enforcement agencies, to the extent that such records contain specific tactical plans, the disclosure of which would jeopardize the safety or security of law-enforcement personnel or the general public; or records of emergency service agencies to the extent that such records contain specific tactical plans relating to antiterrorist activity.

69A.Engineering and architectural drawings, operational, procedural, tactical planning or training manuals, or staff meeting minutes or other records, the disclosure of which would reveal surveillance techniques, personnel deployments, alarm systems or technologies, or operational and transportation plans or protocols, to the extent such disclosure would jeopardize the security or employee safety of (i) the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts or any of its warehouses; (ii) any government store or warehouse controlled by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control; (iii) any courthouse, jail, detention or law-enforcement facility; or (iv) any correctional or juvenile facility or institution under the supervision of the Department of Corrections or the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Clearly it is evident that the works of the publisher¹do not jeopardize the safety of our governmental employees and volunteers. The disclosure of unit numbers is a public fact that can be seen on the vehicle or uniform of the individual. Tactical, narcotic or other sensitive designators are not listed. It is a clear example why logistically active members of these organizations do not show their faces for media relations. Tactical and Sensitive communications are handled on secure networks. The interception of these networks (encrypted or cellular) is a violation of Federal Law. The methods of decrypting this information are the listeners’ own action and thus their own responsibility for compliance of this regulatory. It must also be recognized that the individual department may deem what and what is not considered “tactical”(see 57a.) on an individual basis. Also since all works of the publisher¹ are original or transcribed to original ownership/partnership the directive of the above FOIA does not necessarily apply. Only ORIGNINAL departmental records would be protected under the FOIA exclusion since they are only deemed official. The possessions of these documents (works of the publisher) are not a violation of FOIA exclusions since once again this information is an edited, unofficial rendering of communication network information.


Sites Used with permission and Limited Liability Sites / Advertisements
Certain Sites are used with permission; these sites may not be reproduced without
contacting the original company or site administration respectively.
Advertisements to certain companies, websites, etc do not endorse any particular exclusiveness
of liability or recommendation.


URLS & Domains
Urls under ownership of SVFS are not currently offered for sale or lease. is registered to SVFS.


Personal information may be collected for statistical purposes only,
at no time whatsoever will your information be available to any source other
than the owner except in legal actions. Information collected will be protected using the
latest encryption software. All SVFS computers are password protected, Rest assured your
personal information will not be shared.


CONTEST SPECIFICS and Site Partner SVFS reserve the right to cancel the drawing at any time for any reason.
Practices deemed fraudulent may result in your entry being discarded; you may make only one drawing request
per IP address per length of contest. Duplicate entries will be discarded.Attempts to submit multiple entries
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contact us and we will make arrangements at your expense. Due to communications laws we may not be able to ship
outside of the USA. If you are disqualified due to this an additional drawing will be conducted. The contest
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If you are selected as the winner, a valid shipping address must be provided in order to receive the item.
The item may be offered for local pickup depending on the location of the winner, we reserve the right to refuse
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Such items received may qualify for income reporting, it is your own ultimate responsibility to report all taxable
income. and Site Partner SVFS will not be liable for any damages consequential nor as a result of
as a result of receipt, use, and failure to receive item, furthermore the use of any device’s individual warranties
or exclusions will apply likewise in force when present. Furthermore, and all related entities will
not be liable for your use of any item granted to you. “We” do not apply any warranty or guarantee for prizes awarded
during a contest. In the event that an item is shipped defective we may provide you with resources to aid in resolution.
We will not replace items nor offer a cash or credit in place of any prize items. Furthermore, participation is voluntary.

PRIVACY and SVFS will not sell or share your email address or other personal information to other organizations
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information is secure and will not be provided to others.
Promotions are not sponsored, endorsed, or administrated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing information to scannerfood, or the admins of facebook and not to Facebook.
Sponsor /Advertiser Release
You agree not to also not hold sponsors, advertisers, or other related entities of scannerfood liable for issues arising from drawings, contests, sweepstakes, etc. Event sponsors do not necessarily share the same views of scannerfood nor do scannerfood share the views or endorsements of advertisers or sponsors in such context as well.
We suggest you attempt to resolve 3rd party issues directly with the 3rd party before contacting scannerfood, in such instances we will only provide limited advice due to legal reasons and protect any conflict of interest with our sponsors and or advertisers. We will remain neutral on all but extreme issues with 3rd party affiliates.
Section 10
Scannerfood Chatroom

A~ and its affiliates reserve the right to terminate connections that are unfit, defamatory or abusive.
In addition, repeated abuse will result in a complete ban to all website functions. Threatening or illegal activities
will be reported to the appropriate authorities / chat provider (everywhere chat).
B~ and its affiliates are not responsible for content during chats, we will not be held accountable for
information posted, retransmitted or received. You are using the chat room at your own risk. We recommend you do not
give out personal information in chats. We encourage that you immediately report all inappropriate context immediately.
Everywhere Chat does not allow minors under the age of 14 to participate in their respective chat community, We
(, recommend parents accompany minors to ensure they may experience our website as well.
We strive to be family oriented environment, however some content heard over the live scanner feeds may be disturbing
to young viewers / listeners. Language and context of radio traffic may sometimes be of that of an adult nature.
Information provided via the chatroom is publicly disclosed to other participants.
You should not, and are not required to, disclose information that you do not want made public.
Everywhere Chat is a separate entity and has their own respective terms or service,
they are listed below and may be found at

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